2023 Natural Hair Goals

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After conducting a survey asking what your new year's hair goal would be the top 4 responses consisted of, being on top of hair trimmings, achieving a healthy scalp, obtaining longer hair, and dealing with the lack of moisture. I’ve provided you all a few tips that can get you started along the journey for these goals:

Being on top of your trimmings:

Knowing how often you should trim your hair is a factor based on what exactly are you doing with your hair (protective styles, silk presses, chemicals, low manipulation styles, etc). Many believe in a set trimming of your ends every 3 months (Yes & No), again how you maintain your hair will be based on the needed schedule of your trims. For those who go when it’s needed, even if you go for a dusting DO IT! You will want to avoid splitting up the hair shaft, this is how you will combat in not seeing hair retention, especially if your hair goal is longer hair.

Achieving a healthy scalp:

You can achieve healthy scalp by washing your hair when you should. Avoid going longer than 2-3 weeks between washes, making sure you ridding heavy product build-up, and avoid chemicals. 

Lack of Moisture:

With lack of moisture means lack of growth and or hair breakage. If one’s hair doesn’t stay properly moisturized then breakage can occur from the roots and strands. Adopt the LOC/LCO method into your hair regimen (liquid,oil,cream). Understand moisture is not just an external thing, internally you should be nourishing your body with adequate amounts of water. If you need moisturizing hair products I suggest the Moisture Collection

Obtaining longer Hair:

Adopting a healthy regimen is key to having longer hair. Your regimen will not be like others so putting together the pieces needed to helping your hair thrive will be based on what your hair likes and dislikes. If you’re overwhelmed and still need guidance book a consultation to help build you a hair regimen.  Book your consultation 

Enjoy the new year and knocking out your hair goal just make sure you are being realistic with your goals and you got this

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