Got Tangles?

Got Tangles?

Get hair tangles more often then your should? Here are Reasons why your hair is a tangle mess:

1. Low porous hair type

Low porosity hair is naturally resistant to absorbing moisture, so it takes longer to get your hair wet and stay moisturized. Because of this hair is pron to hair tangling. 

2. Loss of protein

heat styling tools (blow dryers, flat irons) can break down the elasticity of the cuticle layer of your hair causing tangles and knots that cannot be combed through easily.

3. Ends need a proper trim

If your ends look dry, brittle or feel rough, they may be in need of a trim. Your stylist can cut the dead ends off without cutting too much length off so that your ends will be healthy again!

4. Chemical treated & elasticity is broken

Chemicals can and in will loosen your curls and without proper hair products and a hair regimen it can result in hair tangling

If you are seeking healthy products that are great for low porous hair, replenishes loss of protein, and also aids those with chemically treated hair I highly recommend utilizing the Hibiscus collection.

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