The types of Hair Damage

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Are you aware of the various types of damage your hair can experience? Do you know how to handle these damages when they arise? I will give you the list and teach you how to properly handle them if you do so come across them. 

 Mechanical Stress: 

This type of damage is brought on by over-brushing the hair, ponytails, and braiding.

The way of avoiding this type of damage is by being cautious of how you handle your hair, especially the scalp because that is where the tension is being placed. Ponytails whether it is the one with the long weave or even with having a bun in your hair, doing this often will place too much tension on the edges and the crown. I am not saying don't get these styles but being cautious of how often you are getting them is the key. Braiding the hair too often is also a stress trigger to the scalp so taking breaks in between your protective styles and perhaps opting for maybe a crochet style would be a better option or even a low manipulation style.  


Bleaching, perms, and coloring as well as unsuitable shampoos can result in damage to the hair. 

For best practice on chemicals I recommend if you don't have medium porous hair then to avoid bleaching and dying the hair overall, but I get it I too love the vibrant colors on the hair and love a good new look. Unfortunately, those of us who fall in the high and low porous types of hair have the most struggles with maintaining healthy hair when it's bleached. I indicate medium porosity hair is best suited for this because if you read Caring for your Natural Hair for the first time. I gave a detailed process of finding your porosity and the characteristics of each. Now do not get it twisted just cause you are medium doesn't mean you have the ability to be careless with the chemicals you apply to your hair, so be careful you can easily find yourself being knocked into the high porous crew. 

If you currently have chemicals in your hair and you're experiencing complications with your hair if you feel your hair may be damaged then the only way to rectify your hair situation would be to do the BIG CHOP. I know that is not always something you want to hear and do, but damaged hair can not be revived no matter what a hair product tells you. 

If you feel you can't take being natural and you're addicted to the creamy crack then make sure you take adequate time in between reapplications, this goes for all chemicals being applied. 



Blow drying and flat ironing the hair

 We enjoy our silk presses plus we have to come blown out and product-free to our braiding appointments, but there are ways to help avoid damage to your hair when applying heat to it. Blow drying the hair on low heat or even cool will help prevent irreversible damage to the hair. When getting your hair flat ironed make sure it's not on a higher setting above 400 degrees. Also, be sure you are taking breaks in between applying heat to your hair.


Extreme temperature variations, changes in hair humidity, also salted and chlorinated water. 

 If you live in constant hot areas you will want to make sure you are keeping your hair protected with head coverings, make sure that whatever you choose has an interior of silk/satin. This will aid in protecting the hair as well, try to also avoid too much moisture in the hair this is also called hygral fatigue a good protective style is a great goto. 

Swimming is another issue I came across even in my hair journey, utilizing a swim cap will help protect you from the chlorine of the water, if you don't have a swim cap on you then applying a coating of a conditioner will protect the hair, just make sure you wash your hair soon after your done swimming.  

Being aware and knowing how to handle your hair in different circumstances will help you with better caring for your hair. 

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