Chebe Benefits for Curly Hair

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For generations a seed by the name of Chebe aka (Shébé) that grows in Chad, Africa, has been utilized by the Chadian women (Basara Women) to help their hair flourish. It is said that Basara women give credit to the chebe seed for their strong and long hair and not solely on their genetics. Chebe has since grown popular here in the United States within these past few short years and continues to rise in popularity with its various ways of usage.You can make it yourself although the powder is NOT cheap a little tends to go a long way. If you're not someone who has the energy nor a DIY type of person, you can also find a trust worthy business to create your product of choice whether that be in a hair paste, oil, shampoo, deep conditioner, etc. You'll find that chebe will benefit your hair in these great ways:

  • Softens, & provides manageable hair
  • Moisture Retention
  • pH Balance of the hair shaft & scalp
  • Cleanses the scalp helps prevent fungus & scalp issues
  • Strengthens Hair
  • Prevents & stops breakage

Chebe can be utilized as a hair paste, oil, shampoo, deep conditioner, etc. Chebe is best used on curly & kinky Hair Types  3 & 4. The best way I have found that chebe is most effective is when used as a deep conditioner. If seeking great chebe hair products, I highly recommend my Chebe Shampoo, & Chebe Deep Conditionerblended with chebe powder and various oils ranging from olive oil, vitamin E, Essential Oil Blend, Plus more great nutrients that help stimulate hair growth along with a healthy hair and scalp.

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