Understanding Hair Prosperity

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 When starting my hair journey I was bombarded by soo much information it overwhelmed me a bit, but when your hair is science, I mean, who wouldn't be a bit confused on how to manage their hair, like most of us 4 types we get lost on how to manage our hair but I want to help you gain a deeper insight on your hair I mean don't get me wrong knowing where you fall at in your curl pattern type is ok and all but in reality that's irrelevant to me, so when I ask those about their hair type I truly mean porosity type. Prosperity is broken down into 3 different types:

Low, Medium, High


  • Moisture has a hard time entering easily
  • Doesn't absorb color or chemicals easily 
  • Looks healthy but doesn't have much elasticity or volume


  • Shiny, healthy, great volume
  • Hair absorbs and retains the right amount of moisture


  • Hair absorbs too much moisture
  • Feels dry to the touch and looks dry
  • Absorbs too much moisture 

Now that you have a insight of knowing about the 3 types porosities i want to now show you how to go about finding your hair porosity, their are several ways of finding it but the 2 effective ways I found to find your type is the spray bottle test, or the float test.

  • Please Note: Your hair must but washed and dry in order for these tests to work!

     When it comes to knowing your porosity type you also want to have a product that is geared specifically to your hair type yes all oils are great oils but certain oils benefit each porosity type in a different way. If you're wanting to know your hair porosity type take our quiz in our blog titled "Take the Porosity Quiz!"

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