got Deep Conditioner?

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When it comes to deep conditioning your tresses how often would you say your doing it? Maybe 1x monthly, weekly, biweekly, perhaps not at all? 

Well I would hope your doing it at least bi-weekly rather than not at all, when I hear someone say they don't deep condition their hair I literally clutch my pearls. It is very important to deep condition your hair weekly if not bi-weekly the latest, and its a good reasoning behind this.

Deep conditioning helps the hair in various ways, hair that is deep conditioned regularly is:

  • More manageable 
  • Much Softer
  • Less prone to hair breakage & frizz
  • & Able to retain hair length 

After I went from washing my hair every 2-3 months, to now washing weekly/bi-weekly my hair has never felt soo amazing, and the length I have achieved has been phenomenal as well. 

I understand finding the right products is a must, and no one wants to waste money frivolously, trust I've been there. I created several great deep conditioners all with amazing benefits for the hair, including aromatherapy benefits as well. Check out our natural hair store and see which product is a great fit for your hair regimen.  

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