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Benefits of using Micro Fiber Towels for the Hair

When sharing the proper hair care tips I want to give you EVERYTHING & I mean Everything that is needed to help your hair grow to its fullest potential. In my last blog titled "Healthy Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair" I discussed a few great tips on growing & maintaining natural hair. I want to now discuss with you the importance of picking the right hair towel, I know right even a towel can do damage to your hair unfortunately.

Ok so let me get to the point the perfect towel to use is a micro fiber towel the benefits of using this towel are:

  • Helps prevent breakage
  • Moisture retention
  • Cuts drying time in half
  • Prevents dry and brittle hair
  • Reduces hair frizz 



 Just use a plain T-shirt, I snag my fiancé’s white T-shirt and that is just as great as using a micro fiber towel it won’t snag your hair nor will it cause hair breakage. 

So whether you grab the micro fiber towel or a plain T-shirt just avoid using a regular towel on your beautiful curls we want to promote healthy hair growth.

If your looking for a micro fiber  towel with fibers coated oils, to help keep nutrients in the curls as the hair dries. I recommend using Love Line Micro Fiber Towel



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