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Natural hair vs Heat

Heat can be a benefit & negative to our natural tresses. Overuse of heated styling appliances can take perfect, beautiful hair, and alter it into shambles. Once heat has damaged our hair, nothing can be done to permanently repair it. 

When hair is heated, protein & moisture linkages  are broken due to the intensity of the heat. Heat can hinder the hair in a few ways:

  • Decreases Moisture Levels
  • Affects Protein Structure

When starting a healthy hair care regimen heat use should be eliminated entirely. Ideally, a heat break should last from 12-16 weeks. By taking a heat break it will allow one to reestablish their protein and moisture levels, and also regain strength & thickness. The only heat that can be applied is a hooded dryer for your deep conditioning. 

Once your heat break has become successful, gradually work heat back into your hair, if you are wishing to apply it. Heat should only be used 1 time weekly but using it sparingly is better of course. 

Blow Drying Tips:

  • Always select a blow dryer with various temperature settings
  • Cold Drying the hair reduces dryness and split ends
  • Avoid the comb attachments(TRUST ME) 
  • Only blow dry 80-90% dry, air drying is the best from there. 

Always remember to wash hair prior to applying heat to your hair, and that applying a high setting to your heat appliances will cause damage to your hair. 

When wishing to apply a heat appliance to your hair it is critical to protect the hair prior to usage, our Leave In conditioners are infused with oils that protect your hair from heat damage. 

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