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No more wash day hair tangles

Believe it or not many of us have been washing our hair wrong, and by wrong I mean washing your hair over the sink and then being left to wonder why our hair is in tangles and breaking off.

When washing my hair I constantly battled with tangles and ripping my hair out, out of frustration, so when I discovered that I should be washing my hair in sections, and how much easier it would make my life. I haven’t gone back to washing my hair any other way 🙌🏾.

Before washing your hair, section your hair into 8 or more medium size individual braids, this will allow for an even distribution amount through out your hair of your wash day products. More importantly sectioning your hair helps with preventing hair tangles as well. ❗️❗️Be sure to mist your hair down with water and detangle your hair prior to washing so that you won’t have tangles when you do take your braids out after you wash, this will defeat the whole purpose of this process if you don’t detangle your hair first! 

I also recommended washing your hair in the shower it is the most effective way when washing products out your hair. 

After changing my way of washing my hair, I haven’t washed it no other way. I have no tangles any longer, and I can cleanse my hair properly. 


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