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The Do's & Dont's Combing your Hair

So I recently took a survey on my social media accounts and asked everyone “In which Hair State do you comb your hair” and the vast majority went from one spectrum to the other some said they either comb their hair while it is soaked wet, and the other stated they comb while it’s dry. Very few said they comb while it’s damped. I wasn’t shocked by the results at all because majority of us just simply don’t know this answer and it’s fine because I’ll be helping you every step of the way. 

The true answer to this question is that you should NEVER, EVER comb your hair while it’s drenched nor should you comb the hair while it’s bone Dry 🦴 The reasonings behind this are that combing in either of these two states will cause Hair breakage. Our hair is the most fragile when it’s drenched and when it’s dry, it is important that you ALWAYS moisturize your hair first to reduce hair breakage.

Here are a few comb tips to consider when buying a comb & determining whether you should toss your current comb in the trash:

  • Avoid sharp Seams
  • Use only seamless Combs
  • Avoid combs with multiple small sharp teeth these combs are not geared for the textured hair at all.
  • Wide tooth combs are best for textured hair

 Prior to using a comb on your hair mist the hair with water “Not Drench” and finger comb the hair prior to using a comb. We tend to underestimate our fingers and it’s abilities to benefit our textured hair during the combing phase. Just make sure your nails & fingers are smooth prior to finger combing you don’t want to snag your hair and it lead to breakage. 



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