Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers for Natural Hair

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It wasn't until last year when I dug deep into herbal care that I discovered Hibiscus flowers, I purchased the herbs and made tea and it tasted amazing. I began to research the benefits this plant has on the body and hair and found that it helps:

  • Hair Growth
  • Thickness
  • Combat against dryness & frizz
  • Hair Breakage
  • Hair Hydration
  • Stimulate Dormant follicles 
  • Fights against Colds
  • Anti-aging 
  • Stops Acne
  • Plus More.......

Hibiscus plant is a tropical plant that is grown in many parts of the world including South-East Asia including India. 

I truly feel that this plant is the best kept secret from us in the natural hair care world. Not only now do you get to achieve great benefits from herbs by taking them internally, you can help your hair even more by applying herbs topically to the body. 

Did I also mention that Hibiscus Flowers works perfectly for chemically damaged hair, I began using this plant when I bleached my hair in 2018 and due to having low porosity hair my hair was going through breakage, hair fall, and it stayed dry. After doing the big chop my hair still felt very brittle, Deep conditioning the hair on a weekly basis and using hibiscus flowers in my shampoo & leave in conditioner as well. Over the next 4-6 weeks I began to notice, my hair became stronger, the pH balance became regulated, and the brittleness of my hair turned into nice soft curls again. 

If you are looking for products that contains Hibiscus Flowers in them, I highly recommend using the Hair Strengthening & Hydration Collection. If you are looking for a herbal tea to help maximize hibiscus flowers benefits for your body I suggest Awaken Me Herbal Tea.


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