Mango Hair Balm Benefits

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We created a hair balm that would help in various ways, whether that meant promoting hair growth, moisturizing the hair, or even helping to balance the sebum in your hair. 

Our Mango Hair Balm possesses water absorbing abilities, along with strengthening, & promoting a healthy scalp. In addition it is full of vitamins that helps balance sebum production, which means helping hair that is excessively oily or dry. Our balm is perfect for the tresses that need the ultimate moisture and hydration. 

We jammed pack our hair balm with a few different butters along with a mixture of oils that will actually penetrate your hair shaft, which there are only a select few that will. Like I’ve discussed in my previous blogs all oils are wonderful for the hair in their own type of way, but not all will penetrate your hair shaft. Penetrating will promote hair growth which you ultimately maybe trying to accomplish.   

From the scent, to the soft feel of the balm, to even the softness it provides your hair & body once applied. This Hair Balm is the perfect addition to your hair regimen collection. 

It is best used after applying water to the hair first the key is to help seal in moisture and to also pull water into your hair.

5 Star Reviews from our Facebook:

"When I applied the balm to my underarms it for rid of my boils"- Montanna

"My daughter was itching all night and something told me to grab the balm and use it on her and once I applied it shortly after she stopped scratching and even fell asleep, when we woke up today her eczema was nearly all gone!"- Kiara  

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