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So we are in I believe week 7 of lockdown and honestly many of us are not ok. And May could come quick enough because a great thing about May not only is it my birthday month it is month of mental health, and with the craziness going on we need a good month to help us pivot and try to ease our minds a bit. 
I understand several of us are out of a job completely and money is becoming more strenuous so trying to take our minds off of what will we do next seems impossible. So hear me out on my mental process I undertake, when I’m dealing with stress something that helps ease my mind is learning to accept the things I can not change. Example this corona virus situation has many jobs on freeze no hiring not to mention if your a parent, school and daycares are shut down also. So even if you found a job you still may find yourself in a bind. Situations like this. That has come up often in conversation since the lock down you have to just understand this isn’t your fault try to relax a little more it’s this perfect saying I love to hear “you’ll cross that bridge when you get there”.
Please note byno means am I saying don’t attempt to look for resources to help you get on your feet but don’t let it be drilled into your frontal brain as an all day every day thought. This is stress overload and with stress comes a weakened system and with those issues it tends to impact the hair with weakened hair fibers and we don’t have time for that. 
So in conclusion all I’m saying is if it’s something you can take a rest on then rest take break when you relax and come back to a task you tend to have a sharper mind and clearer mind. So please and go take a nice herbal bath, do yourself a facial, pedicure, just something that will make you smile and forget about your problems. You should avoid neglecting your self especially during these times. Social distancing has many of us feeling lonely, so find ways to keeping your mind in good spirits. Try writing down your short and long term goals, create a vision board, organize your space. I purchased a planner to write down everything. I find myself more organized and that gives me a sense of happiness because then I’m not overwhelmed. If your looking for a journal to write out your thoughts and do some reflecting I recommend the various journals that also help with you knowing your natural hair as well. Great for adults,teens, & children. Click here to learn more.

Now I want to hear from you and how you combat depression or feeling overwhelmed. Drop your answers in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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