5 Tips for Hair Transitioning

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5 tips to help you when transitioning your hair

  1. Take advantage of protective styles buns,sew-ins, twist outs,braided styles.
  2. Avoid heat or keep to a bare minimum
  3. Sectioning hair into individual braids or twists can reduce tangles
  4. Have motivation writing down small goals weekly/biweekly and once you achieve those goals at end of week celebrate
  5. Increase deep conditioning efforts to weekly/biweekly

When choosing to transition rather than doing the big chop this is something you have to prepare mentally for. The natural hair has still yet to be embraced so you may get negative people asking you why your going natural & just negative things to say in general ignore them they will soon be asking how did you do it. 

If you are in need of a hair product that aids with strengthening your hair while transitioning I recommend the Hydration/Strengthening Collection. It is infused with Hibiscus Flowers that helps with hair shedding and various other benefits for the natural hair.

I also recommend becoming mentally prepared to go through this natural hair journey and preparing yourself through the highs and lows of it. I have stumbled upon not just with myself but with others who have decided to transition and the biggest issue we come across is battling the "ugly stage". Typically the ugly stage is where your hair is going through the mid stage you may feel as though your hair is stuck in limbo, and not growing. Just always remember as long as you are nourishing your body from the inside out and along with a healthy hair regimen your hair is going to thrive. Hair is constantly growing but try to keep your mind occupied on other things while you aim to achieve your length goals. 

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  • I had a sew in weave too long and my hair got matted so I had my niece and so called friend to try to help because I wasn’t able to do myself and I had got a big chop done to the top of my head and then once I saw it I had to just cut it short because of this please help me on tips to grow it back I have never been this bald in my life I cried but im going thru a lot also stressed out badly lord knows I am

    Shawndra on

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