6 Benefits of using Wooden Combs

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I never knew that a wooden comb had soo many benefits until I began researching heavily into natural hair care. Growing up all I knew was plastic combs, going to the hair store or corner store grabbing a rat tail colorful comb was our go to hair tool. Not realizing, that I shouldn’t have been combing my hair with a rat tail comb at all (smh). 

The wooden comb carries amazing benefits that many of us have no awareness of, and I’m convinced you may switch to the wooden comb once I provide you these benefits: 

  1. Wooden combs are amazing scalp massagers. I inform my clients that 2-5 minutes of massaging the scalp throughout the week helps promote hair growth. 
  2. Non Static- Growing up and going to cosi I enjoyed seeing the balloon and static effects on the hair although my hair already defies gravity it was still cool to see! But static actually isn’t a fan of our hair it leads to damage and the wooden comb has no static unlike plastic combs.
  3. Aids in Dry Scalp- The wooden comb absorbs oil which then allows it to be evenly distributed through out your hair and scalp this helps with the dry scalp.
  4. Boosts Blood Circulation- When you boost blood circulation in the brain, this helps to promote hair growth as well.
  5. Prevents hair loss & damage
  6. Great for Sensitive Scalps

With discovering this benefits of the wooden comb alone I was sold on never using plastic combs again. I have searched the web for wooden combs and have found various sizes & types, my favorite is Sandalwood. Sandalwood tends to be a bit pricey through some merchants but the benefits again are worth it in some cases. Of course we all have budgets so if you can’t afford others fancy wooden combs I recommend.

Wide Tooth Wooden Comb

Rat tail wooden comb 

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