8 Myths about Natural Hair

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So growing up I was told quite a few things about the natural hair and of course because i was told these things by people who i believed to know more than me and I trusted their word. I have come to find that they were also not true! You may have come across 1 or a few of these myths in life:

  1. Brushing your hair makes it grow- Unfortunately this is FALSE brushing your hair in fact causes stress onto your hair strands which can lead to breakage if done excessively. 
  2. Trimming your ends helps your hair grow- FALSE. Again this is misguided knowledge that I myself has believed in the past or have witnesses others speak on. Your hair will not stop growing if you don't get your ends clipped. In fact hair will continuously grow but the longer you go without your trims it can cause the ends to split of the hair shaft. Which will cause for your hair growth to become counterproductive. 
  3. Dirt Makes the hair grow FALSE: I chuckle hard at this one mainly because i grew up really believing that dirt would have my hair sprouting, but in reality its only slowing down your hair growth. The scalp should be cleansed on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.
  4. Relaxed hair is easier to manage FALSE: While you may not have to deal with the shrinkage while having chemical processed hair, your hair can alter into a disaster if not properly managed. Protein is stripped, tangles may occur, breakage, and alter in porosity. These are a few things to watch out for while getting relaxers. 
  5. Natural Hair isn't professional FALSE: When I began working in corporate america I was being told that wearing my hair in a bun or straight was a much better to present to interviewers. Looking back I wish i had the ability to go in with a fro or a cute twist out. Don't ever let someone tell you that the way your hair grows is unacceptable.
  6. Split ends can be repaired FALSE: Please don't buy into those products that indicate they can repair your split ends or heat damaged hair. This is just false advertisement and a way to swindle you into spending pointless dollars. The truth is nothing can fix your spit ends but to cut them off and when it comes to severe heat damage nothing can revive those curls so its best to remove them as well.
  7. Weave Protective styles are a guarantee for your hair to grow: WRONG if you go into your hair journey thinking that this is the quickest way to grow the hair you will be sadly mistake. Although weave can assist with protecting your ends mostly, it's not the main and only thing that can help the hair grow. Don't forget the same way it can protect your hair it can cause damage when improperly installed and improperly handled. 
  8. You can’t be full Black and grow your hair long FALSE: When ever I make a picture of a black woman with long hair, someone asks what is she mixed with? I cringe mainly because people don’t seem to acknowledge that you don’t have to be mixed to achieve great hair lengths. If you have a healthy hair regimen in place inside & out your hair will flourish. 

If you are looking to establish a Healthy Hair Regimen and your not sure where to begin. I recommend downloading "Beyond the Product Hair Journal" .



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