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Benefits of a Hot oil Treatment

At times your hair may need just a little TLC (tinder,loving,care) so if you’ve deep conditioned your hair, use leave in conditioner, or perhaps put hair creams on your tresses and it’s still dry and brittle 😩 you may need to add an additional step to your wash day but DO NOT be annoyed your hair is science remember? You may have high or low porosity(keep in overnight)  hair so a hot oil treatment is perfect for our hair. The benefits of using a hot oil treatment are:

  • Helps strengthen & provide shine to your hair
  • Helps with Dry Scalp & Dandruff
  • Helps increase Blood circulation to your scalp
  • Moisturizes Dry & Brittle Hair 

It’s best to wash your hair prior to doing a hot oil treatment it’s a constant debate but the reasons I say do it is because after washing your hair your scalp is clean so now all the good nutrients from the oils gets to penetrate the hair shaft and help stimulate hair growth. So you will apply the hot oil treatment after you shampoo and before you deep condition your hair. 

You can do a hot oil treatment weekly or biweekly I usually do mines biweekly in the winter and weekly during the spring and summer. 

Because we understand how important it is for your hair to obtain the right nutrients to penetrate the hair shaft, we have created a hot oil treatment with not just the usage of light oils ,but you also you get to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits with our essential oil blend we mix in every bottle we create. 


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I’ve always been struggling with dry and brittle hair, and I want to get it treated soon. Thanks for letting me know that washing your hair before your hot oil treatment will help the good nutrients from the oil penetrate your hair shaft easily since your scalp is clean. I’ll be sure to book an appointment for hot oil treatment once I find hair care services to hire.

Anna Collins

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