Caring for your Babies Natural hair

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Welcoming a bundle of joy into this world is a blessing, and their is no manual to parent hood but their is a manual on how to properly manage your child's hair properly. I have joined countless natural hair groups over my facebook years and I will say MAJORITY or Black moms and dads have no clue as to how to manage their child's hair.

When I posted a video of me oiling my daughters hair I was struck with harsh words that I shouldn't be doing that. I chuckled and gave them proper education on the black babies hair and after a year of maintaining a healthy hair regimen for my baby girl her hair is well past her shoulders and thriving. If someone informs you that you shouldn't be oiling your child's hair and scalp assure them that you are, black children need oil to help combat dryness of the scalp. Please do not use products like Vaseline & Grease, these are not to be used on your babies hair and scalp for it seals in dryness and it defeats the point of helping it grow and thrive.

Light oils on their hair such as grape seed oil, Safflower oil, coconut oil, these absorb into the scalp quickly without the oily residue. If your looking for a product that contains all the key oils and ingredients to help with your child's hair I highly recommend: Mango Hair Balm

And for you mommies and daddies who are buying shampoo for your little one I would be happy to inform you that it isn't need at all in the beginning stages of a babies life. Shampoo is a stripping agent a babies scalp is fine and healthy they won't need anything that harsh (YET). In due time you will want to use it but for now warm water will do. Simplicity is key in your babies hair regimen much isn't needed I promise you.

Hair Tools Needed:

  • Fingers

Literally that is all you will need during their tiny stages of life, please avoid hair ties for now especially rubber bands, when you use rubber bands in their hair it is prone to stumping their hair growth. Leaving the hair  out and free is the best thing for your child if you feel it needs detangling just use your fingers and sprits with water. Be sure that your nails are smooth to avoid snagging of the hair.

So just a recap on what I discussed all your Baby needs for their natural hair journey is:

  • Warm Water
  • Light oil or hair balm 
  • Fingers to detangle 

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