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Fall is upon us and it is time to shift into a different hair regimen, meaning the way you style your hair, wash it, etc will be altered whether you like it or not its apart of the natural hair life. Protecting your crown during every season is important, especially during the fall/winter season. I get it we tend to keep our natural hair in protective styles because of the maintenance that comes with it. I like to remind myself my hair is "high maintenance" she requires that "ump" to get her together. I mean crowns are meant to shine. The good thing is that with fall you can be a little more of the "lazy natural" than you would in the spring/summer season. Here are a few key take aways for you to help in your fall season regimen:

  • Washing hair Biweekly rather than weekly as you would in the spring/summer.
  • Protective styles are your best friend during this time of the year.
  • Keeping the scalp and hair moisturized. 
  • Avoid wearing hair loosely, the wind can tend to snatch the moisture out the strands thus causing dryness and breakage to the hair.
  • When trying to keep your head warm take your hair into consideration as well, opt for a hat that has a silk/ satin lining on the inside.
  • LOC/LCO method is needed heavily in the colder seasons also twist your hair up when not in a protective style. 


  • I recommend my crown hats, keeps the head warm and the curls safe also.
  • For moisture and to retain moisture I recommend the Moisture Collection for sealing The Mango Balm will be of great service for you.
  • For moisture on a daily for hair and scalp the Himalayan Salt Spray will aid in your scalp inflammations and dryness. 

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