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Since being on lockdown I have seen many people indicate that they have eaten more often than normal, have discovered tick-tock (a social media for videos), hosted a club on Facebook live and do numerous challenges. All have been great with helping us stay sane through this time of stress. 

With everyone needing something to keep them occupied, this would be also the perfect time to get to know your hair a little more. Especially since all hair salons are currently shut down both commercial and home shops. Many of us have panicked and become frustrated with our hair, mainly because we have yet to fully get to know our hair or love our natural hair. 

Hair is still required to be kept up with to avoid breakage. Following these main steps will help you maintain your hair at least until you make it back to your beautician again.

  • Still utilize a silk scarf, bonnet, or pillow when resting, hair being rubbed up against cotton can cause tangles and knots which leads to breakage and split ends.
  • Washing the hair, spring is right around the corner so you can begin to shift your wash days to weekly but not exceeding bi-weekly.
  • Applying oil to the scalp to avoid flaking and dryness.
  • Keeping the hair twisted up, I mean your not going to many places these days so nothing too fancy will be needed at least for now. (Unless your still an essential worker).
  • Keeping the hair moisturized combats the dry and brittle hair tresses be sure to utilize the LOC method. (Liquid, Oil, & Cream) 

Here are a few hairstyles you can utilize to help you through this difficult hair time, trust me we are in this struggle together. Take this time to youtube various videos to learning how to do simple hairstyles you like. Utilizing the main tools listed above will help your hair thrive during these next few days or weeks. Below are a few styles you can test out and will also help your hair stay healthy, which is the main focus:

  • Two strand twists (flat and single)
  • Single braids 
  • Straight backs
  • French braids
  • Wigs
  • Simple weave styles (box braids, crochet styles)

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