Herbal Tea Benefits for Natural Hair

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I enjoy sipping my tea & no I’m not talking about the (messy) tea neither. Tea doesn’t just have amazing tastes to it but also healthy benefits for the Hair & Body as well. This includes:

  • Hair Growth
  • Dandruff & scalp itchiness
  • Relieves the symptoms of psoriasis
  • Removes the dead skin cells & impurities that may block hair follicles 
  • Prevents hair clogging
  • Balances oil Production
  • Rich in vitamin C & E 
  • Restores the health of damaged dry scalp
  • Protects hair against UV Radiation
  • Strengthens & Prevents Breakage

And this is just a portion of the list of benefits various herbs can provide for benefiting your hair. Now before you jump up and run to your nearest grocery store to buy some tea understand that not all tea is created the same. 

Example, when herbs are grounded up it tends to lose the benefits it would provide you while still in its full natural state of a flower or leaf. If you wish to receive the full benefits of herbs I recommend Quieten Hair & Body Tea  for a relaxing & calm feeling or Awaken Me Hair & Body Tea that gives you a boost of energy. 

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