Love the Natural You

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I watched a woman criticize her self and tell the world how uncomfortable she was with being in her natural state.

Her kinky hair, tight curls, dry looking but it’s no fault of her own it’s just the way her sebum glows. She said she hated her hair and wanted to figure out how to loosen her curls like the type 3 girls.

I jokingly told her she’s fine and to toss some earrings on and she’s set to go. Yet I knew those words perhaps weren’t enough for her to truly embrace her natural beauty.

They say natural hair is for the strong beings and it takes a lot of courage to go natural. I find that hard to believe, because why does it have to take soo much courage for us to love ourselves as we are created. It shouldn’t take a black woman to be a super woman to take on her self, & her natural self at that. This saying shows me, that the a black woman isn’t good enough as her self, we have to run towards something that hides our true identity and covers up what makes up the foundation of what sets us apart. This is the world we live in where being a natural black woman just isn’t suited for us.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here to bagger weave or belittle those who wears it. This is simple the elephant in the room that many don’t like to talk about, When you hide behind weave because your uncomfortable in your natural state, you are not truly loving yourself properly. To love your self through all the stages is important, whether that’s the short Afro, the medium fro aka the (ugly phase) or even that stage of transitioning. Don’t let society tell you what’s accepted when it comes to your natural beauty, you should love yourself through it all cause the world don’t matter.

I understand being natural can be complicated, frustrating, and damn sure overwhelming. I understand you I empathize with you, more importantly I’m here for you. If you’re looking for help with establishing yourself onto a healthy hair journey, and creating a healthy regimen, it’s help for you. Start by booking a hair & scalp consultation today, stop dealing with the missing edges, broken off crown, or the never growing hair. More importantly let’s get your hair healthy book a consultation and receive a free bottle of herbal hair oil.

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