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Maintaining Healthy Summer Hair

So it is officially summer and it’s about to be even more humid, sun blazing, and your hair maybe a bit much to maintain.

During the summer your hair regimen should be a bit different than it would during other seasons. This is the perfect time to start wearing weave protective styles and applying a lot less heat to your hair.

Due to sweat & pollen in the air, if your washing your hair beyond the 2 week mark, start considering washing it weekly. Product build up will be much more than it would in the winter & fall months. Even if you have a weave protective style you should still be washing your hair regardless or what style it’s in.

You can easily wash your hair by simply taking a wash cloth, applying shampoo onto it, and running it through your scalp.  This helps to keep your scalp clean and helps to avoid the delay of hair growth that you may want.

Keep your hair oiled, and massage the scalp 2-5 minutes daily as well. I recommend using Love Drops Hair Oil, which is great with not only promoting hair growth but also helps to relieve dry & itchy scalp.

People over the years have become soo creative, since I was a child with styling braids, and even blending in weave to the point we can’t distinguish between real or fake. Either way, you still need to make sure you’re ALWAYS maintaining healthy hair. Avoid keeping hair styles in longer than than the 12 week mark anything over that is just redundant.

Hair sheds up to 100 hairs daily, so imagine all that hair over the course of weeks building up. When shedding hair gets caught amongst non shedded hair it tangles and too much tangles leads to breakage. Protective styles are ultimately meant to help your hair not hinder it, avoid making this mistake by taking your hair out before or on the 12 week mark. 

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Great article, I plan on implementing some of these tips!


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