Protecting Natural Hair during Swim Day

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With summer time we are Hot, & the cool feeling of a swimming pool is exactly what many of us are running towards. I myself, have already gone to a few water amusement parks, and although its been fun and rewarding to staying cool from the blazing heat. My natural curls are still needing the protection for before and after the pool. 

I would instantly recommend wearing a swim cap to assist with having to wash your hair, especially if your anything like my daughter who has been swimming for what seems every day now since schools been out. Over the years of my life I have yet to really see black women with natural curly hair actually wear a swim cap and not to mention when I was younger and tried them it didn't seem quite effective for me personally. Not saying we can't use swim caps, we just don't often.

Chlorine can also be very harsh to our hair and scalp which is why it's a few important things to remember to consider for swim day:

  • Prior to going swimming coat the hair in a leave in conditioner, this will assist with protecting the hair from the harsh chemicals that are placed into swimming pools. 

             I recommend using The Love Line's  Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner for protecting your hair.

  • To avoid tangles after swimming braiding the hair into individual medium size braids this method makes for a easier detangling, hair won't get caught tangled together, along with a quicker process for washing the hair.


  • Washing the hair IMMEDIATELY! after swimming is important as well, as stated previously the chemicals in swimming pools are harsh so you want to rid the hair and scalp of those chemicals ASAP.

             The Love Line's Scalp Relief Shampoo is a great hair cleanser for your wash day.

Enjoy the remaining of your summer and don't be afraid to getting those curls wet neither. Shrinkage is a beautiful thing.

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