Protecting your Natural Hair During the Cold Season

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Not sure if where your located, or if you've been hit with the cold breeze, but here in Ohio we are bundled up with UGGS, Jackets, & our heat is turned on. But as we keep our bodies warm and comfortable, that also means we need to keep our hair protected.

During the spring & summer weather we are able to do our wash and gos as often as we wish with out any issues, the cold seasons beg a differ. During the fall and winter months our hair will thrive the best in protective styles rather than in our loose curls. Protective styles can be done in either weave or your natural hair, a few styles that I highly recommend to get are:

  • Knotless Braids 
  • Box Braids
  • Sew ins 
  • Two strand twist 
  • Bantu knots

With the proper stylist to install your weave protective styles, or you can easily do bantu knots and two strand twists at home especially if your in between your weave styles. I highly recommend that when using weave you do not exceed beyond 12 weeks of keeping installs in, and allow 7-10 days in between your next install. Yes weave is a great way for us to protect our hair strands but we can't over do it as well. 

Also another rule of thumb when it comes to having hair added is that you still should wash your hair as you would when you don't have weave. Wearing weave doesn't mean you get a pass on taking care of your hair. Be sure to wash your hair, oil scalp, and keep it moisturized as well through out its duration. If you are looking to reduce the frizz and still properly wash your hair I recommend using a wig cap or durag and placing it over your braids during your wash. 

Another method of washing your hair is taking a rag applying warm water and shampoo to the rag, then running the rag through out your scalp this will help rid of product up build up. The goal is to keep your protective style looking great and your real hair flourishing. 

Not to mention the winter months are quite rough on our hair texture, leaving our hair dry and brittle and prone to breakage if we don't protect it properly. If you are looking for a product to help with maintaining moisture in your hair I highly recommend The Love Line Moisture Collection, if you are are needing an oil to help promote hair growth Love Drops hair oil will help sprout your hair.  

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