The Truth about Hair Grease

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I was raised on grease from blue magic, doo gro, Murray’s, you name it I had it in my hair. Especially when it came to needing my hair pressed out before Easter Sunday. Grease has been passed on from generation to generation, but it’s time we understood the truth behind grease and why we shouldn’t be such a big fan of it:


When you read the label on a jar of grease what are it’s ingredients you notice always? Petroleum,mineral oil, these ingredients are found in Vaseline and when used on our hair it creates a coating, and barricades dryness on our scalp. If you are looking for a shine, which a lot of us like after getting a freshly protective style. I recommend using

 Mango Love Balm which not only provides a great shine to your scalp, but also helps aids in hair growth & a moisture sealant.


But if you do choose to use grease as part of your hair regimen a few things I recommend to consider: Be sure it’s not being applied to your scalp, because petroleum places a barricade to the scalp, this can slow down hair your growth. If your goal is to promote hair growth, grease can shorten your maximum hair growth that you could’ve achieved within the month. It’s best to have a fast absorbent light oil applied to your scalp instead. Utilize grease only as a sealant to your tresses, but be sure to moisturize your hair first prior to applying the grease. If you apply grease without first moisturizing your hair, like stated before you will only lock in dryness, and doing this will cause frustration that could’ve been avoided had you moisturized your tresses first.

Looking for better Hair Products? here are our Recommendations:

For Hair Growth we recommend Love Drops Hair Oil 


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