To Weave or Not to Weave

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Along my natural hair journey, which I am going on a firm 2 years of being apart of the Healthy Hair Regimen Club (Pats self on back). I have done all the do’s and the don’ts of maintaining healthy natural hair even while adding weave into the mix. 

Weave is not an all bad thing, it all boils down to your hair morals on whether weave fits you or not. I’ve come across women who wouldn’t be caught dead in weave, then it’s the other spectrum of women who wouldn’t be caught dead without it.

I inform those who inquire about having a better hair regimen while still wishing to incorporate weave into their regimen, that it’s important to understand how weave can help and hinder your hair. Having a balance with weave is a MUST when it comes to having textured hair.

No matter what you should ALWAYS still wash your hair while you have weave installed, if you have a sew in then you should be having a maintenance of still cleansing your scalp and tresses as you do your regular hair. When it comes to braids your hair cleansing will be a bit different, you can easily take shampoo and a rag and glide the rag through your parted hair and remove any product build up. A leave in conditioner is also required after shampooing your protective style. We highly recommend using on of our Shampoos & Leave In Conditioners as our products are infused with oils to eliminate dry & itchy scalp along with product build up.

Now comes the part a lot of women dread and that’s the Creating a Protective Balance with our natural hair and weave. As stated weave is a perfect protective style for decreasing and helping textured hair to grow out. 

BUT like a lot of things, anything overly done is a can be a hinderance to you as well. Our hair needs regular rest periods to allow us to thoroughly examine the state of our hair. 

Resting periods between braids and weave should be between 2-4 weeks, and wear periods shouldn’t be longer than 8-12 weeks. 

Installing weaves and braids should NOT be your hairs permanent solution. Avoid becoming so dependent on hair weaves that you despise and neglect your real hair. 

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