Water your Crown 👑

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I always say “if you owned a crown 👑 you would polish it up and make sure it glistened and the stones shined bright right”?

Well think of your hair as your crown that you can’t take off. So when it comes to nourishing your hair 👑 that means you're not only externally nourishing your hair but, what you do internally to the body matters as well, hydrating your body from the inside out is how your hair will flourish even more. Your hair is just like a flower 🌹, the same way they seek water to grow so does your hair. 

I drink about 5-6 cups of water daily, if your wanting to know how to figure out how much water you need to drink a simple equation below will help you. 

Your weight divided by 2, then divid that answer by 8 and that will give you the estimate amount of cups of water you should drink daily.

Also feel free to use other ways of intaking water as well with fruits especially, it is a great way to take in a large percentage % of water.


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