About Me

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I am a certified Trichologist who strives in helping women, men, and children with not just growing their natural hair but also in embracing and loving their hair at every stage.To see the beauty in their hair texture whether loose curls or kinky it's your hair you have to learn to manage it, "good hair" isn't measured by how loose your curls are but how healthy your hair is. I began my journey of launching my hair care products in 2018 after giving birth to my second born daughter I had experienced postpartum hair loss for the first time. While also struggling to know how to grow my oldest daughters hair who experienced severe hair breakage. I scoured the internet for hair tips and sought out beauticians who could give me hair tips but couldn't find anyone with the proper knowledge to assist. 

I decided to take things into my own hands and put myself through schooling of trichology of learning the depths of the hair and scalp care and the various reasonings one may experience hair loss. With more knowledge I gained the more I learned on what ingredients I needed to help others with growing their hair as well. With a full recovery of hair loss and helping others along their hair growth journey I now have the ability and confidence that I can assist many people in the world on growing and maintaining healthy hair. 

We source all our ingredients from the Motherland, along with Brazil and we are always seeking ways to helping save Mother Earth with recycling and reducing plastic in some of our products by opting for glass and biodegradable Kraft products. We continue to seek alternatives to plastic in the future to come. All ingredients of ours are also natural, and or organic unlike 90% of products on store shelves.