Our Brand

We take great pride in providing men, women, & children, the relief  from dry & brittle hair, itchy & inflamed scalp, eczema, dandruff, hair pH imbalance, product build up, oily scalp, plus more. We hand blend each of our products from scratch and with fresh herbs, including Aloe Vera, Lavender, hibiscus, and rosemary. We believe that the plants from the earth is the best healer for our hair and body to thrive, although we can’t be 100% natural & organic we are still proud to say our ingredients are 85% Natural & Organic and with a variety of our products such as our Balms & Oils we are in fact 100% natural. With being a small black business we understand the importance it is to receive healthy hair & body products with out any harmful toxins. And we provide that to our customers, don’t believe us? Check out our Reviews!!!